Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I see you!

Howdy Hooooo.
I have a few minutes to spare, so lets talk about what's Bean going on.
Well, business has been picking up DRASTICALLY, that is why I didn't have time to
post, posts.
We have been busy developing a SMALL PC for an advertising company.
It has the new ATOM CPU and is extremely cost effective. The first one was built
in a MOTHERBOARD BOX, then to get some Popper measurements we built
a box out of perspex. The next step is to get it LASER cut. To tell the Truth,
The laser cut box is supposed to arrive today (03Sep) So once the thing is 100%
complete I will show some pics.

Just one more thing:
We are in the proses of getting something that only US will be allowed to sell in Durban.
I am not really allowed to say anything as yet, but it is going to be SWEET!
But here is a clue:

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