Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oil Spill.

Let's just start of by saying: WOW!!
This is harder than it looks!
BUT, it's also allot of fun trying
to come up with solutions to ALLOT
of problems.

Here is the case with the PSU and
motherboard. The PSU is not attached
yet. We are still running some tests
on some components.
You can also see the CD ROM and
hard drive. I think they look too
exposed, so we will have to come up
with a plan

A front view.

The bottom fans all wired up.
There are also 2 more lights
unterneith the CD ROM FLAP
that you can see in pic 1 & 2
(if you look close), the tin
white long thingeys.

Hopefully tomorrow we will get the oil, and see if it all
goes KABOOM!!!.....Hope not.
Enjoy the week ahead.


Friday, April 25, 2008


Can you believe it?
We were on the Fresh Drive!
We had one minute to sell Dominoe Computers.
But to tell you the truth I was so SCARED!
They phoned us at 2pm and told us to be
ready at 3:50. When I heard that I started
We wrote a speach on paper and I rehersed
for an hour and a half. But when the called
me I started shaking! I even forgot to read
a fiew lines we wrote down.
But it was all good in the end.
So now we are Country Famous.
Enjoy your Long weekend.

And remember:
Join The Army, Visit exotic places, meet strange people, then kill them

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oil Spill Next Step!

Testing for any leaks.
Lucky! No leaks!
The only thing I am worried
about is: Will the oil dissolve
the silicone or not?

Checking the circulation.
We only had 2 small leaks on
the plumbing parts at the base.
We just tightened the clamps
and every thing was A O K.

Here is the cool looking "inter cooler'
The reason we put springs in the pipes
is to avoid the pipes from pinching
on bends.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


The Stuff we started with.
7 Sheets of 5mm perspex cut to size
We had to sand the edges to get a
perfect straight edge, and smooth
as glass.

Started gluing the sheets together using
special Perspex adhesive. Just hope
that it won't leak.
It's alive. We got everything square, and
OILSPILL is upright.
This is the base of the rig. The eight tabs are
there to elevate the copper tubes that will
help cool the oil.
Here you can get an idea of what it will look
like (sort of).
We did all of this on Wednesday the 16th, but
since then we didn't have time to go any further.
We got a bit busy with clients' computer so it's
on the back burner till we have time again.
We also put silicone on all the joints. This was
a messy operations. If it is cleaned up we will
take some pics.
If you have any questions or advice please e-mail us technical@dominoe.co.za

Oil Cooled Computer!!

What's happening?
Yes you herd right. OIL!
This all started with an article in PC Format a few months ago.
They submerged a few working PC parts in cooking oil.
Then I did some more research on the subject, and found out
that it is not a trick at all or even hard. The reason why nothing
blew up or melted or got deep fried, is all down to one word: Dielectric.
The word is given to "stuff" that does not conduct electricity.
So I decided to go ahead and build on for the shop as well.
BUT, there are a few conditions. The thing, which we are now calling:
OIL SPILL, MUST look like a PC, and must be overclocked to within
an inch of its life.
Ok so that is all I want to say for now! I will Post some of the Pics that
we took during the building of the case.
Enjoy the week ahead.

Last thing:
Why is there an experation date on sour cream?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Easter Weekend

Some pics of the Easter weekend @ Ixopo or Icopo?!......

I am the one being fondled.

Left: Charles

Middle: Moll

Right: Dante

Charles Catching up on some beauty sleep.
He needs it!

Dante. Sleeping or
praying? You decide.

Dedicated to the one with the LIMP!

Hi all.
Last night (05-04-08) I was given a stern talking to, cause I'm not
updating the Blog on a regulas basis. SORRY!

The last 2 weeks were HECTIC. Sales are starting to climb. And
more and more people are taking notice. Even as far as
Lagos Nigeria. The week that is comming, we are running a
SPECIAL on 4 computers.

For some reason Dominoe Computers are being discussed in
a gaming forum. And the strange thing is,
If it is YOU then come in and I will Give you a
FreeBee.(1GB Flash Drive) (It's either that or a hug. You Chose!)

I am thinking of adding a place on the blog where
YOU GUYS can post comments. If you Agree or
Disagree Then go to http://www.dominoe.co.za/
Go to the contact us page And let me know!

That's it for now. I will Update the blog on sundays, cause
we are verry quite. so check back every Monday.

Enjoy the week ahead.

Feet are made for walking,
Eskom is made for KICKING IN THE NUTS!