Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oil Cooled Computer!!

What's happening?
Yes you herd right. OIL!
This all started with an article in PC Format a few months ago.
They submerged a few working PC parts in cooking oil.
Then I did some more research on the subject, and found out
that it is not a trick at all or even hard. The reason why nothing
blew up or melted or got deep fried, is all down to one word: Dielectric.
The word is given to "stuff" that does not conduct electricity.
So I decided to go ahead and build on for the shop as well.
BUT, there are a few conditions. The thing, which we are now calling:
OIL SPILL, MUST look like a PC, and must be overclocked to within
an inch of its life.
Ok so that is all I want to say for now! I will Post some of the Pics that
we took during the building of the case.
Enjoy the week ahead.

Last thing:
Why is there an experation date on sour cream?