Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oil Spill.

Let's just start of by saying: WOW!!
This is harder than it looks!
BUT, it's also allot of fun trying
to come up with solutions to ALLOT
of problems.

Here is the case with the PSU and
motherboard. The PSU is not attached
yet. We are still running some tests
on some components.
You can also see the CD ROM and
hard drive. I think they look too
exposed, so we will have to come up
with a plan

A front view.

The bottom fans all wired up.
There are also 2 more lights
unterneith the CD ROM FLAP
that you can see in pic 1 & 2
(if you look close), the tin
white long thingeys.

Hopefully tomorrow we will get the oil, and see if it all
goes KABOOM!!!.....Hope not.
Enjoy the week ahead.


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