Sunday, April 20, 2008


The Stuff we started with.
7 Sheets of 5mm perspex cut to size
We had to sand the edges to get a
perfect straight edge, and smooth
as glass.

Started gluing the sheets together using
special Perspex adhesive. Just hope
that it won't leak.
It's alive. We got everything square, and
OILSPILL is upright.
This is the base of the rig. The eight tabs are
there to elevate the copper tubes that will
help cool the oil.
Here you can get an idea of what it will look
like (sort of).
We did all of this on Wednesday the 16th, but
since then we didn't have time to go any further.
We got a bit busy with clients' computer so it's
on the back burner till we have time again.
We also put silicone on all the joints. This was
a messy operations. If it is cleaned up we will
take some pics.
If you have any questions or advice please e-mail us